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DEN has some fun with construction signs and airport conspiracy theories
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DENVER -- Underground tunnels, gargoyles and aliens …

Denver International Airport is having some fun with the signage around their construction areas highlighting some of the biggest conspiracy theories about the airport.

Some people believe the underground tunnels lead to secret meeting spots for the world elite. Others believe the airport is connected to the new world order and the Freemasons, that the big blue horse statue is cursed and lizard people are living underground.

“Instead of trying to convince people that these things aren’t true, we really lean into it when appropriate, and have some fun with it,” said Phillip Lucas, with DIA.

One construction sign asks – "What are we doing?"
A) Adding amazing new restaurants and bars
B) Building illuminati headquarters or
C) Remodeling the lizard people’s lair

The signs will be up through the initial phase of construction. They direct people to a website that details the construction process: DENfiles.com

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