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Unlink your Coursera account from Facebook

If you can't log in with SSO when you start to set up your account, you might already be connected with Facebook. If this happens, you might see an error message that says “Sorry there’s a problem with your account. Please contact Coursera Support to resolve this issue.”

Bajasunset Dakine Dakine Women's Dakine Bajasunset Cosmo Backpack Red Backpack Cosmo Red Women's To unlink your account from Facebook:

  1. Log in to with your existing account
  2. Click Account Settings in the top right corner
  3. Scroll to the "Linked Accounts" section
  4. Click Delink my Facebook Account
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  6. After you delink your Facebook account, you'll need to click on the link in your original email invitation or LMS to try logging in with SSO again

Try the link again

You can log in and set up an account by clicking Log in via Your Company when you're setting up your account. If you can't find that option, check for an email invitation from your company's learning program and click the link in that email.

Check for a network issue

If you are can't connect to Coursera via your company’s SSO, you might have a network issue. Check with your company's IT department or program admin for help.

Check for a deleted account

If you see a message about being connected to a deleted account, or see "deleted-account" in front of your email address, you'll need to check with your learning program's admin for help.

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