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The Jacksonville region is one of the hottest markets in the state for advanced manufacturing, and Florida ranks among the nations’ top 10 places for manufacturing.

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NO Tax on Manuf. Equipment

837,000+ Available Workforce

4 Major Military Installations

Our infrastructure, competitive business climate and access to talent are just a few reasons why companies like GE Oil & Gas and Saft America are choosing Jacksonville as the place to grow.

Whether you are looking to build a new facility or move into an existing structure, we have the space for you. Construction costs are 15 percent lower than the U.S. average and the cost to lease industrial space is $4.27, which is below most major metro areas.

The region’s strong military presence is one of the unique assets your company can benefit from. With 75,000 active duty, reserve, and civilian men and women, the military is the largest employer in the region and is the 3rd largest military population in the country. Each year, more than 3,000 personnel retire from the military and choose to stay in Jacksonville, which provides a highly skilled talent base.

As the westernmost location along the East Coast, your company would be uniquely positioned within an eight-hour drive of the entire Southeastern consumer market. Couple that with our logistics infrastructure, international trade opportunities and the products you manufacture can easily be shipped anywhere in the world.

Beast Geometric Paw Paw Tote Geometric Geometric Beast Tote Symbols Paw Symbols Bag Beast Bag Aaron Bowman

SVP, Business Development

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Leader in the State of Florida

in Percentage of Labor Force Engaged

in Advanced Manufacturing

Cecil Commerce Center

is One of the Largest Industrial Parks

in the Southeast

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Military Veterans Make Up

Beast Paw Bag Paw Symbols Paw Geometric Tote Geometric Geometric Bag Symbols Beast Beast Tote 14% of the Region's Workforce,

Providing a Highly Skilled Talent Base

“The region’s favorable business climate, skilled workforce, good logistics and low operational costs solidified our decision to build our manufacturing plant at Cecil Commerce Center and relocate our U.S. headquarters to the area.”

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Tom Alcide

President and CEO - Saft America

Recent Success Stories

Hans-Mill Corporation

Hans-Mill Corp., a manufacturer of stainless steel trash cans, opened its first U.S. factory in Jacksonville, Florida, moving production from China.

Florida Plastics Recycling

Florida Plastics Recycling, a plastic water bottle recycling company, has announced it will build a plastics recycling facility in Jacksonville, Florida, to process polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

GRACE Aerospace

GRACE Aerospace announced today that the company is relocating its product manufacturing operations and expanding its current Jacksonville operations near Cecil Commerce Center.